Where is Juicy Lucy, Now?!

www.bullheadamplification.com | Nashville, TN

Here are the details!
@dishwalla is now the proud *temporary* keeper of this sweet Scorpio 1x12" Combo! "Temporary??" Yep! This amp will find a home on the road with a touring band.


Those are the rules of the game!
ALSO IMPORTANT: we will track its whereabouts and any awesome hijinx it's getting into with #whereisjuicylucynow and you'll be able to check back here to see the Instagram feed. - First stop, ATLANTA with @dishwalla ...Rodney, Jim, Scot, George, & Justin: treat Juicy Lucy well, pass her on when you deem necessary, and future bands: You know the rules! ;-) - Godspeed, Juicy Lucy! - #bullheadamps #nashvilletn #whereisjuicylucynow #dishwalla #scorpioamp